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Our team is a group of creative people with a love to create amazing things. We focus on precision and dedication.

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    CNC Waterjet

    Dynamic Waterjet

    Automatically compensates for stream lag and taper, natural occurrences of the waterjet process. Its articulated wrist allows the cutting head to tilt in any direction, compensating for waterjet stream imperfections using complex mathematical models. These calculations are all completed behind the scenes, by our smart FlowXpert Software Suite, without the necessity of operator participation using our SmartStream Technology.

  • Springside Industries Inc

    Laser Cutting

    CNC Laser Cutting

    CNC Laser Cutting is a very efficient method to cut your complex sheet metal parts and it is done on one single machine, the cut edge on the parts that come off Laser and don’t require any grinding at all, Machine set up costs are kept at a minimum, there is no need to purchase and maintain expensive dies to manufacture your parts, this drastically shortens lead times which saves you time and money! CNC Lasers have the ability to cut your parts precisely at very high speeds, a very thin kerf and no tooling that wears down bringing you identical parts from prototype to production! Don’t wait, we are waiting to hear from you with your thin to extra heavy duty parts and components

  • Springside Industries Inc

    CNC Tube Laser / Saw

    BLM LT8 – CNC laser tube cutter

    Our tube laser equipment is capable of precision cutting virtually any type of tubing and angle. By using cutting edge BLM LT8 automatic cutting technology, our designers can specify complex end forms and hole geometry.

  • Springside Industries Inc

    Plasma / Flame Cutting

    Flame Cutting

    Equipment: 1x HD plasma / flame tabe – 10′ x 25′ 1x HD plasma – 8′ x 20′ To complement the plasma/flame machines we offer the following service: Milling – drilled & tapped holes, pockets, chamfers, counter sinks etc.

Our services are the best in class even if it is design related or development based. We work with innovative designs, create perfect parts and great projects that actually work.

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